Welcome to ozzie2ozzy.com.


We are 2 guys born 8 months and 15 miles apart, somewhere in the early ’50s, sons of WWII veterans.

We came into a world where men seemed to “rule the roost” (Father Knows Best, Leave it to Beaver and the Ozzie and Harriett Show), and the nuclear family seemed to be firmly intact. We have lived, thrived and succeeded through all the changes, evolutions, and revolutions put in front of us.

During the past 60 plus years we believe that our generation has been the most adaptable, resilient, and versatile.

Today, everyone seems to talk just about the present, not giving a moment’s thought once you have cleared your latest email, sent your last text, tweet, Instagram photo, or whatever.

Our mission is to open a dialogue where we can have fun, debate, and reminisce for some and educate all.

So please enjoy, contribute, and let us know how you feel about ozzie2ozzy.com. We look forward to making our blog very interactive and responsive to your topics.

After the past 60 years we believe we can handle the coaching you will be sending us.

Warm Regards,


Bill & Bill