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What You have to KNOW before you VOTE!


To be an informed voter, Fox contributor Ben Carson thinks you should read his new voter education guide. Just yesterday, Carson — apparently also a likely presidential candidate — hyped his new voting guide e-book in a National Review Online article. According to Carson, the country suffers from a dearth of informed voters and his e-book is the solution, providing information on politicians and policies to “make it easier for people to think for themselves, rather than being herded and manipulated by those in various political organizations who hunger for power, not liberty and fairness.”

Just last month, Fox & Friends co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck suggested it may be beneficial for Americans to pass citizenship tests before gaining the right to vote. Debating the advantages of requiring high schoolers to pass civics tests before graduating and becoming eligible to vote, Hasselbeck posited that such steps could make “a more meaningful measure when you vote, perhaps, too.” She later asked viewers for their thoughts on the tests: “Civics test required to vote or graduate? Let us know.”