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Trump, the new “Edsel”?

Mr. Trump

Now that you are the Republican nominee, please engage your brain or more importantly your family before you open your mouth or tweet!

You can win in November if you show a “tad” of self constraint.  It is a  true “No Brainer” that the American public has serious concerns about Hillary’s ability to tell the truth, but with your lack of self control, you are letting her off the hook.

You are no longer a businessman, you are a candidate for the highest office in the land.  Start acting like one, please. If you should lose in November to Hillary, more than the presidency will be lost, it just might impact your “Trump” name and the value it once had.  It had stood for quality and class, but if you lose to the “liar”, the  Trump name on buildings will be the new “Edsel” of a political and maybe business failure for you.

Warm Regards,